[GA3001 OOP] Week1 Notes – The principles and concepts of Object Oriented programming (OOP)

Welcome to [GA3001] Object Oriented Programming for Designers.

Week 1 was about: the principles and concepts of Object Oriented programming (OOP). We’ve introduced what is OOP and its relationship towards Computer Science, Software Engineering and Game Design. Also, we talked about learning and skills benchmarking. Finally, we’ve introduced in high level, how objects are represented in computers and spent time discovering a PACMAN board objects and presenting them as objects and classes.

Here are few important links and extra readings for things we’ve discussed in class:

1. Get the lesson plan


2. Next class please download Visual Studio 2015 from: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=626924&clcid=0x409

3. Read the set of tweets talking about “How to learn”: https://twitter.com/waelkabli/status/522752335227789313

4. Watch a video on YouTube on

Computer programming: What is object-oriented language? | lynda.com overview

5. Watch a video on YouTube on:

MicroNugget: What is OOP? (Object-Oriented Programming)

6. Fully read Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming from Udacity https://www.udacity.com/wiki/classes


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