My Favorite Mistake this year!

I wanted to pick my favorite mistake for this year and see what did I learn from it…

My favorite mistake is Hiring a guy let’s call him “Mr. Kay”.

Kay is a good example of showing the difference between embracing a value and saying that you have a value. We hired him because we are in a hurry and he clearly lacks innovation but we said having an extra hand will speed things up! Because, of our demanding high performance environment, Kay couldn’t keep up with the pressure and he abused our freedom. He didn’t actually do his daily work (we lack micro controls)  and was rushing near deadlines to deliver but with bad quality. I started coaching him to keep up and to understand our culture. Instead of taking my coaching positively, he felt bitter about it and started to damage our moral by spreading negative messages. By the end of the probation period, everyone really hated working with Kay and he felt that he should leave and resign.

Why do I like this mistake?

    • It showed the value of Jerks-free workplace. Negative people and jerks are high cost on the environment.
    • If we say that our value is to have innovative culture, the cost of having inadequate people is higher than getting delayed at a project.
    • We saw good value of having small iterations of work (two weeks) to catch poor performance early.
    • We saw in action how freedom can get abused.
    • It is very clear what did we miss in our hiring process which is giving an “Assignment” before you get on board.


This was my favorite mistake, what’s yours? share it with me here…


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